Webelo and Arrow of Light

Boy Webelo Den #1, Girl Webelo Den #11

Boy AOL Den #4, Girl AOL Den #14

Webelo Dens are 4th Grade or 9 to 10 years old.

AOL Dens are 5th Grade or 10 to 11 years old.


Khaki Shirt  for Webelo and AOL 

Scout Pants or shorts (Optional)  Boy can wear green or denim shorts/Pants.

This belt is to be used if you purchase the Khaki shirt.

Webelo Neckerchief (goes with blue or khaki shirt)

Webelo neckerchief slide ( used with both blue and khaki shirts)

Webelo Hat - Optional

Boy Scout Socks are optional

Webelo Handbook can be used for both WEbelo and Arrow of Light

Webelos colors required to hold your activity pins.

Click here to see all the required patches and insignia

Required Insignia